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Alice Guy Blaché, the world’s first woman filmmaker.

and still rocking a boa!


Alice Guy Blaché, the world’s first woman filmmaker.

and still rocking a boa!

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It is the courage to continue that counts. 

It’s a “why I am still here dancing with the GrooGrux King” + winston c. type of afternoon here in Hollywood

Where Are They Now: The Camdens of 7th Heaven

Annie update! She was last seen outside a gas station in Albuquerque….probably with a corndog…because she always had them….and never shared…not even with those twins - which if I remember correctly were attained in a Raising Arizontype of fashion

Favorite Moments: Inside the Actors Studio, 2003 (it’s been like an hour…haha ily)

"you want a cookie? We’ll bring you a cookie."

probably the most amazing inside the actors studio sesh- James Lipton what a mensch!

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The Tee Tones doowopping “Timber” a wonderful way to perk up your  day!

"everything you are and everything you have is because of that butler"

and don’t you forget that Sandra!

Directed by The Butler himself Forest Whitaker is the 1998 classic Hope Floats….

I saw this on my way home from Fro, Yo! yesterday. I wanted to take it home, but some homeless man had already claimed it. Life will get better, little chair. Now I have the urge to watch “Beauty and the Beast.”

Sigh. “Love Actually”

Sigh. “Love Actually”

Forgetting Garry Marshall: My Hollywood Sob Story

Hey Besties.

You know how, in romantic comedies, the first week of a relationship is great, and you see the world differently, and you either want to burst out in song or hop on a yacht or a motorcycle with Matthew McConaughey?

Everything was new, and exciting my first week in Los Angeles, even if there was trash and the air tasted like cigars. It wasn’t Hoboken, I told myself. This is a fresh start, now go out there and live your dream!

In case you didn’t know, dreams are kinda hard to live.

Remember Harold, the guy I met in New Jersey who worked with Garry Marshall? I called him as soon as I figured out my apartment situation. Harold was glad to hear from me, I could tell. He said he made no promises, but he would reach out to Garry and see if he had time to meet with me. I don’t expect anything to happen, not right away. So I said thank you and hung up, my mind reeling over all the possibilities.

I’d be ushered into Garry’s office, and we’d drink Fanta and talk about all his great movies, except for Georgia Rule. And then his sister Penny would join us for lunch on Rodeo Drive, and I’d pitch to him my ideas for making a film about Arbor Day, and possibly Columbus Day.

But that didn’t happen, Besties. At least, not yet.

I went about my life, going to open mics, and meet and greets. My college had an event at this really fancy bar called the Edison. I dressed up, got there on my own without asking for too many directions. I didn’t know anyone from the college group. But they seemed nice, when they were talking to me. I got put on a Google mailing list for jobs, whatever that means. So far I’ve just been getting Far Side comics in my inbox.

I needed a job, which is why I took the first one that called me back. It’s this place called Fro, Yo on Santa Monica Blvd - it’s a nice area. There are a bunch of rainbows painted on walls and such. And we sing to customers when they come in - which is fun.

But now I’m in my second week, and if my life follows a romantic comedy, this is when Jane Fonda comes in and tries to ruin everything. Reality sunk in that I am three THOUSAND miles away from family, and I don’t really know anyone here, except Jose, whose family owns the apartment building I’m renting from. On weekends I go with him on his Hollywood Homes tour. I never thought I could be bored of seeing Beyonce’s gate or front hedge, but I am.

Here’s hoping that my third act comes soon, and I’m reunited with Matthew just before the credits. I can do this, Besties! And so can you!

"But dreams do come true. And maybe something wonderful will happen." My FAVORITE movie!

"But dreams do come true. And maybe something wonderful will happen." My FAVORITE movie!